Saudade Tee

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The SAUDADE tee is here!

>> What’s saudade? — Saudade is a word in Portuguese that is hard to translate or explain. Having saudade means you have the "feeling of missing", whether it's a person, a thing, a place, or a feeling. It's a beautiful word that encompasses so much within it, and it served as the inspiration for this nostalgic tee.

>> Why saudade? — This has been a year of isolation and of being away from loved ones - this tee was inspired by that saudade, that feeling of missing, and the hope that soon we'll be able to be close to the ones we love, in the places we love, doing the things we love (and wearing this tee, that I hope you love!)


- The SAUDADE tee is screen printed by El Rito Serigrafia here in Barcelona - it's printed on an organic Unisex Steadman tee with water-based inks.


Sizing guide (diameter):

- XS
Chest - 79-82cm / 31-32 inches
Waist - 65-69cm / 26-27 inches
Hips - 85-87cm / 33-34 inches
- S
Chest - 86-97cm / 34-38 inches
Waist - 74-81cm / 29-31 inches
Hips - 92-98cm / 36-38 inches
- M
Chest - 90-101cm / 35-39 inches
Waist - 82-90cm / 32-36 inches
Hips - 99-104cm / 39-41 inches
- L
Chest - 98-109cm / 38-43 inches
Waist - 90-102cm / 35-40 inches
Hips - 105-112cm / 41-44 inches